Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Language Explosion!!

Logan has started talking a blue streak! Of course he's been saying "car" for a long time. But now, he's saying anything and everything he wants to. The first time he started saying mouth a few weeks ago, it came out "mowp". And Blue's Clues was Boos Poos. :o) Now it's morphed into Boo Hoo's, so I'm not sure if that's better or worse! Ethan is Bubba, and he says Andy's name well. I (though we called me Mama to him) am Mommy.

Here are a few pics from this afternoon; Logan had been playing trains all afternoon, running them all over the house, saying, "Shoo shoo! Shoo shoo!" Until he finally collapsed into a nap in Dad's chair, LOL...

And these are the kinds of pics I get of the bigger boys; they are WAY too busy to let me take halfway decent pictures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Appropriate name, no?

Not quite six of us YET, but there will be come December!

Baby Jessica Mae will join us sometime around December 15th; her birth will be a scheduled c-section, so it'll likely be the week before that. Hopefully, we can keep everyone updated with pictures of her brothers, and family news as well, on this blog!

Here's a pic of Jessie, one of the good 3D ones we got at our ultrasound on July 23rd...

And here's a recent pic of Logan, contemplating his navel in a pretty hand-dyed fitted diaper (from Judith at Jujube Baby; he'll be two in about a week--how on earth did that happen??)...

Andy & Ethan started school yesterday, and they were MORE than ready! Ethan is a fifth grader, and says he is going to try to get straight As this year. His teacher, Ms. Arnold, seems very knowledgeable and kind, so we're happy about that. Andy's in kindergarten, and we lucked out-he got Miss Amy (deLoache), and also got to be in the same class as his good friend Baker! He is loving school so far; he loves to learn and be social, so we kind of expected that. No pics of those two rugrats yet; bad mama and daddy forgot to take the camera on the first day of school!! Ahhh, well.

Dennis is staying as busy as ever, managing research plots and trying to keep up with all his other regular work. He hasn't had to be out of town much this summer, though, which has been nice! We're looking forward to attending his sister, Becki's, baby shower in a few weeks; she's due with a little boy in October!

I'm staying busy as well, knitting things for others (see my business blog link!), for our coming nephew, and for Logan and Jessie! I'll post a picture of her diapers & britches we've collected so far sometime soon. She's going to have quite the stash! I have an appointment on August 12th with the perinatalogist; my thyroid's a little out of whack, so my OB wanted me to go have him check me out, to see if I need meds for it. She said he may do another ultrasound, so we may get another little peek! I'm hoping so, preferably a good gender shot; I'd hate to knit up all this girlie stuff and end up with Jessie being a little boy instead!!

Signing off for now...I will update another time!