Friday, January 30, 2009

This child cracks me up...

Logan never.stops.talking. EVER. He talks all the time! I love how he says things, too; I gave him a granola bar just now, and he said, "Okay, I'ma hold it a-bar." He's really loving his sister now, too, except when she's on my lap taking up too much space. :o) He rubs her little head, and pats her hand, and talks to her; she grins at him, and coos. It's the sweetest thing! I'm hoping that the smaller age gap between them fosters a good relationship; not that he and his brothers don't have one, but I'd really love for Logan & Jessie especially to be close.

Dennis has been gone on a trip all week, so we've been by ourselves. Not getting any time strictly to myself is driving me nuts, but I'm hoping since he'll be home tonight, I can get out for a few minutes by myself (or even just with Jessie) tomorrow. I love being a mama, but having someone calling your name 18 hours out of the day with no break makes one weary!

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