Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"I not hold her by the head, Mom!"

Yeah, that's what Logan said just a minute ago. He has developed a dangerous habit of holding the cat around the neck to pick her up. I kept telling him to stop doing that, but he kept at it. Finally, I explained to him that she couldn't breathe if he did that, so he has modified his hold. Funny how even at 3, if we can get their attention & explain the WHY of a request, they will comply? Well, maybe 70% of the time, anyway. Or 60%...but who's counting?

Jessie Mae is a year old now, and is growing by leaps and bounds! That girl is always on the move. She could totally walk, and has, but she much prefers to crawl. She's a very cautious, careful girl, so she's taking her time. She's trying hard to talk, though; she'll babble with much inflection in her voice, and her favorite thing to say is, "Isthat?" Like, "What is that?" She also loves shaking her head no, and will tell on herself if she's reaching for something she knows she's not supposed to have, LOL...

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